Our sessions are defined by you.

I do not impose my own ideas or solutions. I don’t analyze your past, or make diagnoses. As a strategist and systems thinker I take a holistic approach, bringing to practical life some of modern psychology’s most important philosophies. I don’t just help you overcome your challenges. I help you see hidden opportunities, think ahead, envision positive outcomes, make smart decisions, and create short- and long-term goals, with plans that you can accomplish. The result of our work together is a step-by-step, personalized guide to your own life.

My unique coaching style and philosophy has been developed over decades; combining elements of my professional experience in corporate leadership, contemporary psychology, and counseling; a long history of studying and teaching yoga, meditation and Eastern philosophy; and, of course, extensive training and certification in life, leadership, and executive coaching. 

Sound like the type of coaching you’re looking for?